With the end of week 10 comes the end of the Fall quarter here at RIT, and my work on the Python/XO/Sugar version of Blocku. Since the last post, I’ve added quite a bit to the game. Here’s the commits from our git repo –

Blocks now spawn in random positions, made the solution-checking more accurate

The game now reads in a text file containing the board (boards/testFile.txt)

Updated Instructions screen

Game now plays sound (trololo guy) when board is solved correctly (after pressing A)

Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to sugarize the game. It was sugarized when we inherited the project, so there shouldn’t be too much that needs fixing. The only major change was that we worked on Blocku with Python 3.1, while the XO is using Python 2.6. Some code will need to be updated to work correctly with 2.6 before the game will work on the XO. From this point, Kai Ito will be the only one still working on Blocku, as he’ll be doing a continuation of the course through a co-op.

As for Blocku, I will be working on an XNA version of the game with the intent of submitting it to the National STEM Video Game Challenge, a competition to develop games focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (or STEM) education. You can find the Blocku website at blocku.sourcefortsmod.com – I’ll have a proper domain and website set up in the near future. If you click on the image on the website, it will take you to our YouTube page.

The XNA version of Blocku can also be found in the same SVN as the Editor (links are on there on the site). This past Sunday I spent some time working on the XNA version, and it is now caught up to (or even a little advanced) past the XO version. Future updates about the project will be found on the website.