Below is a breakdown of the time we estimate each future milestone will take to reach. Roughly 10-15 hours have been put into the previous milestones.


  • Working on teacher editor – Week 8
    • A .net application that lets teachers create their own game boards for students to play on XO.
    • Cross-platform compatibility: The created boards are simple text files that work everywhere.

    Estimated hours: 15-20

  • Game completion logic – Week 8
    • Two types of solution checking:
    • For a randomly generated grid, the game will check all of the blocks to make sure they add up to the correct answer.
    • For teacher-created boards, the game will check the blocks’ original position to make sure the board has been completed as to the teacher’s specifications

    Estimated hours: 3-5

  • Block rotation & basic menu functions – Week 9
    • Main menu allowing navigation of start game, instructions, load random, or load teacher board.
    • Design and implement a system for rotating individual blocks with the mouse

    Estimated hours: ~5

  • Game modes & Sugarizing – Week 10
    • Sugarize the game so that it runs on the XO
    • Implement different game modes:
      • Normal – User has unlimited time and unlimited moves to solve the puzzle
      • Time Attack – User has a limited amount of time to complete the puzzle
      • Puzzle Mode – User has a limited amount of moves to complete the puzzle
      • Adventure Mode – Teacher can create multiple game boards and link them together, and the students will follow the teacher’s path. This allows the teacher to come up with a whole lesson plan within the game.
  • Estimated hours: 5-10