So the activity I ended up going with is Blocku, an educational math game.

The objective of the game is to figure out different ways to solve various math problems. The problems are presented in the form: ? + ? = X, where X is some number, and the ?’s are two numbers which when combined with the operator in between them, equate to X. Various numbers are put on the four sides of the blocks, and the user has to put the sides of the blocks together that solve the problem.

There isn’t a whole lot in the game at the moment – just two sample blocks that you can move, and a static grid. There’s a lot to add, most notably the ability to display a problem, as well as to check whether or not the user has solved it. The interface also needs an overhaul, but that will come later.

I’ll be working on an algorithm to generate the numbers on the blocks randomly, while ensuring that the puzzle is still solvable. I imagine this will have something to do with computing the required number of times the question must be answered (dependent upon how many blocks there are), and checking to make sure there are at least that many pairs of numbers which solve the problem on the board. I’ll also be doing a few mockups of a better interface, but improving the look of the game will come towards the end of the quarter.